AIDA Service, A Future Transaction Scheme Using CryptoCurrrency

AIDA services on be thought of as a project, has need to vary business method in business that is started three (three) years agone around 2014. AIDA service choose construction materials field as industrial field to be concerned as we have a tendency to developed this AIDA service supported the competence and experience of the individuals concerned in Development arrange Team of AIDA Service that is developed Asian country Company.
Presented below ar the individuals concerned in Development arrange Team combined within the team consists of each young and promising developers, yet as skilled specialists in numerous fields. The team will be classified as high management, corporation team, and specialist.
Top management ar :
1. Nyssanov Ualikhan — director. expertise in Project creator. Specialist in selling and sales.
2. Goncharenko Denis — IT Director. He is answerable for the development of the team and therefore the implementation of the project. Specialist in automation of business processes..
3. Urmagambetov Samat — Co-founder. authority on work with customers. A successful developer with associate degree expertise of labor over fifteen years.
4. Kunsakov Arman, decision maker
5. Biskembaeva Aizhan, business Director
6. Krukhmaleva Svetlana, Chief operative Officer

Corporation team encompass :
1. Kovalevsky Sergey, Head of Development Department
2. Erezhev Almat, Project Manager
3. Yakupov Ruslan, Specialist of business department

Specialists ar :
1. Gribansky Oleg, Product Promotion Specialis
2. Tsoi Natalya, SMM specialist
3. Kulikesheva Dinara, Web-designer
4. Balgabek Dauren, Developer / Designer
5. Narimanova Tomiris, internet Developer
6. Miloserdov Stanislav, internet Developer
7. Bazaev Askar, Back-end developer
8. Kang Dae Han Han Chung, Front-end / Back-end
9. Usmanov Rinat, Back-end developer
10. Orazmukhammet Alpamys, internet developer

1. Development of distinctive automatic sales platform (service), which is able to target to finish ninetieth of existing market.
2. we have a tendency to aim to make the # one sales service within the world, which is able to take into consideration the most problems with our shoppers and listen to details which will facilitate alter their work.
It is doable to resolve the issues of all method participants: by providing tools which will operate in concert organism.

We ar progressing to produce the sales service #1 within the world, which is able to contemplate each the main issues of our shoppers and listen to the small print which will facilitate to form the work with them a lot of convenient.
There is a break of determination the issues of all the participants of the process: via providing the tools which will operate as one organism.
How will we see it? it’s an automatic service, that connects all the participants and provides a chance to exchange data quickly and during a timely manner. we have a tendency to resolve the matters of following of the clients’ orders and documentary flows via digitalisation of the flow and business signatures.

There is a capability to unravel the issues of of these participants of the method by providing tools that may work as one organism. however can we see it? this can be an automatic service that unites all participants and provides the chance to exchange info quickly and in a very timely manner. we tend to solve the matter of trailing orders for the consumer, document circulation for all participants as a result of electronic document circulation and electronic digital signatures. every participant has its own personal account as a tool for coming up with and conducting its activities, wherever all the analytics is gathered.

AIDA service will offer price supplemental and benefits for client, a number of them square measure :
1. Fight and cut back corruption activities within the business method as a result of this corruption will causes serious issues to client company and typically this corruption may result to lost of the corporate profit.
2. offer higher delivery management of the fabric purchased and may be simply half-tracked in system if there’s order.
3. higher choice of providers to avoid unscrupulous supplier that’s tough to be glorious in early as a result of they show smart package however once material arrived in client facet then package opened prove to dangerous contain material. This condition are worst if that suppliers denies the package content and therefore the material purchased cannot be came with several unclear reason.
4. Shortening the long chain of intermediaries, this shortening chain of intermediaries can impact to decreasing the worth to be paid by client. Sometimes, countless intermediaries will cause the costs for client to rise dramatically
5. Simplification considerably in document flow that is typically sophisticated, the a lot of suppliers, the a lot of documents for the accounting department like contracts, tax invoices, consignment notes, reconciliation reports, service acceptance acts etc.
6. offer answer for storage within the client facet, as not all construction corporations have their own warehouses. Those construction corporations will lack temporary storage places. As a result, the corporate can buy the required materials in bulk, to avoid wasting on delivery and to induce a reduction from the provider, however it does not have the chance to store the materials.
7. offer easier of fabric handiness, typically is happened that a cloth is desperately needed to be put in at website however business department has difficulties to search out instantly as a result of buying employees ought to search provider and additionally the provision of materials would like time that is someday long term. furthermore in several cases that typically arise potential risk the absence of the chance to guage the standard of the fabric attributable to the space between the corporate and therefore the provider. This potential risk is removed by the existence of AIDA service.

Start date: 4 January 2018 (9:00, Time zone: GMT + 6)
End Date: January 25, 2018 (23:59, All times are GMT + 6)

Form of payment: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, USD
Course: 1 USD = 4 AID tokens
Number of tokens per participant: unlimited

The minimum transaction amount for the files: 100 USD
Minimal transaction amount for Crypto currency: 20 USD
The maximum amount of transaction for the files: 500 USD
Maximum transaction amount for crypto-currencies: no restrictions
Number of tokens: unlimited
Bonuses: + 15%
Return: The whole period
Number of retries: 1
Minimum number of tokens: All purchased and bonus
Maximum number of tokens: All purchased and bonus
Bonuses: Return at zero cost, after which they will be destroyed

Start date: 26 January 2018 (00:00, Time zone: GMT + 6)
End date: 15 February 2018 (23:59, Time zone: GMT + 6)
Form of payment: ETH, BTC, BCC, LTC, USD
Price: 1 USD = 4 AID tokens

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Whitepaper :
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