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About Cosplay Token
Cure WorldCosplay, the world’s largest line platform, can unleash its “Cosplay Token (COT)”. The goal of COT is to create Cosplay, Cosplayers, photographers, prop manufacturers, fans, event organizers and firms a Cosplay Event, on-line and offline (eg Cosplay Event)

The question is however will this downside be solved?
The resolve to confront the issues mentioned before gave birth to modalities utilized in attempt the matter with power of block chain technology. The platform announces its ICO as a primary step to assembling a Tokenized system, with their own token known as Cosplay token (COT), that is to become defacto currency of Cosplay economy.

What challenges in cosplay square measure targeted at in tokenizing the platform?
One may be a harmful result not having settlement account of player, that makes several of them notice it terribly troublesome to induce paid once playing. Sharing of consent revenue is another huge challenge. Players haven’t been ready to receive their legitimate reward owing to lack of formidable rewarding system.
Thirdly, the dearth of transparency in trust and analysis et al. square measure unfriendly to the expansion crypto currencies.
To solve the same downside, cure world cosplay additionally introduced 2 varieties of tokens that square measure cosplay Token (COT) and cure play coin (CPC).

The economic activity incidental COT supplying has 3 parties. They are;
Ø The players (photographer, cosplay, etc.)
Ø User
Ø Angel investors (those United Nations agency support future cosplay financially)
Service and token flow:
Player United Nations agency desires to produce services or begin a brand new project through CW are going to be supply and commerce their own CPC.
The steps concerned square measure shown within the white book. the advantages of every of the parties are:
1. The players gain new revenue through the supplying at sale of CPC.
2. The users can have distinctive expertise just for CPC holders.
3. The angel investors get pleasure from money come from rise in token value from discovering and supporting new talent.
The future initiatives of by the platform are:
Issuance of digital membership thus to assist shield players works.
Measured against extrajudicial pictures are going to be taken.
New ways that to get pleasure from cosplay (use of two.5 dimensional stages in events like Edo GAME SHOW), language support, e.t.c are going to be introduced.

Maximium Tokens issued are
1000000000 COT at the rate of
1 COT for 0.0001 ETH.
400,000,000 COT will be used for ICO
The allocation of token is such that 20% goes to liquidity and operations, 20% for founders, 20% for partners and 40% for token sale (ICO). 20% will be used for development, 50% for operation, 10% for PR, marketing, 10% for bounty payment/reward and 10% for legal advisers.

The team
The team that designed up this platform includes of Jurichiro Kawai, president (CEO), Tatsumi Inui, RP, Tomofumi Yoko Yama, community, Yuuki Iwasaki, marketing, and host of others.
Invest and be a part of this platform so you’ll recover your unsettled rewards as a player and build profit for commerce your CPC s a user, and revel in nice reward as AN angel capitalist.

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