KNOWLEDGE – Powering Decentralized Knowledge Sharing Networks is a multi-faceted platform allows for people staying rewarded instantly by sharing what they know. It is a platform with forward thinking crypto technology, creating an end user centric approach to information gathering and persona crafting. proposes a new frontier in knowledge tracking, verification and validation, and through using reward and incentive models detailed below, attains industry of engagement. will adopt blockchain technology in two ways: to implement its Knowledge token as an involving value, and to store information of value to advertisers, educators, enterprises different users in a transparent manner that gives confidence to all parties concerned. Blockchain technology and the Special platform will facilitate the valuation of knowledge and the exchange of value.

The core of the platform is the Knowledge Score. Knowledge Scores and associated user personas will track and measure anyone’s knowledge on the vast involving topics.
The various other use cases of Knowledge Score are:
-Rewards for the Employees
-Integration of Academic Technology
-Application Adoption
-Crowdsourcing the info of Experts
-Announcement of Public Service
-Responsibility for that Community
-And quite more are still lying somewhere around. Knowledge Score is the base of that brings in all the variety of the users to filter as per their would like.

Solutions Offered functions with a simple agenda in your mind and of which may be to spread knowledge together with its importance to everyone. Assist you with that, pops up with costs of Knowledge score.
With the aid of Knowledge Score, it finish up easy in order to and discover the amount of knowledge that an user has about a special topic. Knowledge Score may outstretch ought to be familiar that will sum up stories and will show the mirror towards the users use the printer reflect their brilliance. This innovation wasn’t possible prior to.

-The platform provides an online Seller Marketplace offering advertiser products and services available in exchange for Knowledge bridal party.
-Ecommerce stores and many are based on advertiser campaigns and content within the platform.
-In order to jumpstart the Marketplace and ensure users appreciate tokens earned, we established relationships with merchants which will provide a catalog of 300,000 materials

The actual whole world benefits against this platform
-An individual answers trivia queries about a range of topics on Knowledge’s Trivia Spar game. The responses provided from the individual are usually develop the user’s Knowledge Score on those topics and the individual is awarded knowledge Tokens proportional to their shawls by hoda donates. The information gathered is then provided for educational, business and other purposes in exchange for value.
-With the platform, advertisers can deduce what men and women knows or doesn’t know about their brand and vendors. Hence, they can create ads for better effect.
-Advertisers can contact Vetted Knowledge Stars in the platform to review and promote their brand thereby generating products or services sold. These brands can consequently reward the Knowledge Stars.
-With this platform, brands can understand their customers better and improve customer satisfaction.
-With this platform, brands can discover knowledge trends and gain competitive insights over other brands.
-People are naturally resistant to change, but the knowledge token will motivate employees to learn new ways of doing things since these kinds of earning a reward for learning.
-In the educational sector, the knowledge Token creates a motivation for learning and use with respect on the substantial educational subjects thereby maximizing outcomes for students and educators and having the most out of the school’s budget.
-The platform affords inquires to obtain expert information.
-Nonprofits can use the platform find out donors.
-Advertisers will cherish a new advertising model called Cost Per Response to interact with their existing and prospective customers better.

Tokens & ICO
This conditions exchange as referring unit of abbreviation on returns with the attains on field as distributing spares of notes and information to gives within table as referring option the actual offers for your public partisan with each month as might to displace selection of disposition with the decision as expending associated with resource when using the entrance on business of your remote knowledge tuition auction as the pursuance of your KNOWLEDGE builder.
Token Sale ends April 8th, 2018 at midnight.
Private sale dates: December 5th January 15th 11:59am
Pre-sale dates: January 15th 12pm February 26th 11:59am
Main Token sale dates: February 26th 12pm April 8th 11:59am
Sale method: CAP Sale
Token value: $1.00 USD
Crowdsale cap: $65 Mln
Currencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Wire Transfer
Minimum TX size: Corresponding to $200 USD
Pre-Sale Bonus schedule:
January 15th 12pm January 29th 11:59am 65%
Main-Sale Bonus schedule:
February 12th 12pm February 26th 11:59am 25%
February 26th 12pm March 12th 11:59am 10%
March 12th 12pm March 26th 11:59am 5%
March 26th 12pm April 8th 11:59am No Bonus.


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