LixCoin – Elixir Presents Blockchain For The Game Industry

LIX can primarily be a platform for a crowd of game comes that enable the concept of a game to become a reality fairly and with efficiency. LIX not solely provides quicker and easier transactional microcredit transactions, it’ll conjointly offer full game economy and infrastructure to be used by freelance publishers, studios and developers.

The ELIXIR is that the Platform Providing amusement engineers ,decentralized and simple Game isn’t just for excitement, nonetheless it’s an individual’s would like currently, in lightweight of the actual fact that several benefits square measure noninheritable after we play the diversion. the current amusement advancement is extraordinarily fast. perhaps we tend to don’t seem to be comfy with laptop games nonetheless, that is contend simply truly sort of a diversion ancient.

The LIX community, not the dollar budget required to supply and distribute the game — just the concept.

Listed on a blockchain, participating game users can trade assets either in-game or through a wallet exchange. The global gaming market will reach USD 108.9 billion globally by 2017, with an increasing share of independent developers and fans. Example of in-game assets that will be traded in the real economy are gold coins, land & property, weapons, collectibles, and other items.

Open Economy and Decentralization

Players will be able to redeem the game assets in a decentralized market and through stock purses because their own game items will be tied to assets in blockchain. Unlike some real economic games where the currency is in the game

Can not be spent outside the game, LIX will allow this through the implementation of an exchange platform where game currency and assets can be traded with any player outside the Live environment game.

The Games Market
A brief
overview of the largest online transactions for gaming content includes $ 38,000 for Purchase characters in DOTA 2 (online fighting game), and purchase of $ 635,000 worth of nightclub properties in EntropiaUniverse. Currently, these game assets are made in-game and then traded through a complex and highly unreliable ad hoc trading system that operates through forums and private chats. This stopgap system is prone to cheating and exploitation, but can still achieve very fast currency trading, special goods, and user accounts. Some games, such as EVE Online, are so multi-faceted and complex that developers use full-time economists to ensure the game remains balanced.

Pay attention to casual non-casual investors:
a traditional investment perspective, finance in plus game development could seem like an investment in vaporware. However, the truth is there’s real cash to be created in creating, maintaining and marketing plus games, and history has shown games that drive user-generated content for much longer lives during this fast-moving market.

Exchange Wallet
will be ready to swap weapons in games, coins, goods, collections, custom animal skin, and modifications and different merchandise in a very decentralized market and thru exchange wallets. the sport item itself are going to be associate degree quality on the block. They perform as normal assets within the block chain, with specific ones.
The value of the in-game illustration as game or currency quality are going to be simply listed within the notecase inventory while not requiring the exchange of third-party services. LIX aspires to permit players to exchange game things outside the sport surroundings and reality.
This will produce an extra revenue stream for every variety of content creator taking part within the gambling trade.

Operating the Leased Proof-Of-Stake (LPOS) algorithm, LIX network will be secured by a distributed node network, as well as the user’s wallet. Caused by

The unique nature of the network enables game developers to token or assets that also operate under Proof-of-Stake (POS), possibly an inflation policy that may be required in larger ecosystem games, such as those on Eve Online or the Second Life Scale.

Token Distribution
Total Token: 100 Million
Reserved for Seed Funding: 1.2 Million
Reserved for ICO: 68.8 Million
Project Reserves: 10 Million
Bounty & Referral Programs: 5 Million
Founding Reserves: 15 Million

Business Models
Main Partner
Providers of content and developers that support the game community as well as the community itself
Game Developer Game
Creator content
Media Content Providers

Main activities
Publish games compatible with the LIX platform
Publish LIX Games
Game Merchandise

Key source
DRM Content
Advertising revenue
Purchase in game
Service Subscription

Client Segment
Provider of multimedia content and any development part Developer
Publisher VR

The revenue stream
The usual way game developers earn revenue is as follows
Ads on Game
Pay to play
Rare Rare Game Items Game
Based Game

Cost Structure
The LIX project will continue to publish or develop its own game to encourage the use of cases and promote circulation.
Average cost structure for developing typical MMORPG games:
Character Design: USD 1200 / character (design / uv / rig / texture)
Game Engine: USD 120 to USD 600 /
3D object system : USD 70 to USD 120 / object (modeling / uv / texture / opt)
Character design 2D: USD 65 (design / image / color)
UI: USD 1200 and USD 2400
animation: USD 70 to USD 120 / animation
sound FX: USD 15 / noise
Music: USD 2700 — USD 4800 / track
Programming, Level Design, Events, Gameplay: USD 120 / day

Co-Founder — CEO — Yogesh Panjabi
Yogesh is a global entrepreneur of the IT series, which runs companies around the world with undergraduate hardware and master engineering in systems management. He has been a kriptocurrency analyst and investor since 2014, and is responsible for major operations for the LIX platform Project

Founder Head of Co-Founder — Gaitchs Gangmei
Founder of the LIX Platform project, Gaitch holds a master’s degree in sociology, is a sound engineer by profession and hobby game programmer in C #. He has extensive experience working with Unity game machines and has also been working full time in the chain of technology blocks since 2015.

Co-Founder CTO — Sanino Alessandro
Alessandro comes from Italy and is a master at Golang Cloud Services and cloud security. Alessandro is responsible for all aspects of Technology & Security for the LIX Coin project. He is also a proud open source believer, with many github contributions.

Co-Founder — Head of Community — Adarsh ​​Singh
Adarsh ​​is an entrepreneur and visionary behind ADAM Project. As a graduate of engineering mechanics from Rajasthan Engineering University. He is currently a crypto currency full of traders and began trading in 2014. So far his trading results have been phenomenal. He is also the founder of the most successful slack trading on the internet which is now close to a thousand members

Senior Consultant — Saint Kamei
A graduate of the Hewlett-Packard Consumer Strategic Center, he has a decade of experience in Business Development. He is currently working as a strategy and deployment consultant.

Head of Marketing — Miguel Azevedo
Miguel embarked on the digital marketing space in 2011. He also embarked on Microsoft and then migrated to the fast-paced mobile marketing business. In this business he started out as an apprentice and turned to the launch of product team management and product design and innovative concepts.

Lead Graphic Designer — João Vicente
Working with mobile performance marketing and several application projects since 2012. Obsessed with spaces, fonts, and alignments. No designs are shown if they are not perfect pixels. Work fast, find problems, offer solutions.

Project Manager — Jason Chadwick
Studying psychology at the University of Stuttgart. Having a 20-year background in the insurance industry As a software coach, teaching conflict management classes, then go to a lower management position that also involves project management for various projects in the operational environment, and content publishing.

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