Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) – ICO Review

MF Chain is a public smart contract platform with retailer payment gateway. Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) is building the future of cryptocurrency. By partnering with processors and sellers, MF String will build upon the value of zero retailer prices while offering advanced rewards for sellers and consumers. MF Chain is particularly built to make value for many parties involved with retailer trades.

MF Chain’s immediate goal is to become the base of commerce powered with the blockchain. Speeding adoption as crypto currency for a type of payment is crucial to the development of the industry. MF Chain’s payment solution and also rewards app is already in final stages of development with MVP place to release April. Providing this solution is key for MF Chain and the cryptocurrency market, however, perhaps not the only objective of MF Chain.

An electronic economy where consumers can buy goods and services with any cryptocurrency at their preferred merchants. At a location where visionaries and creators can collaborate to establish innovative distributed applications in a world that relies on trustless trades in any money of their choice. On a stage where developers have been encouraged with multilanguage compatibility and a library of smart contracts made to promote accelerated development and setup. In an ecosystem which adopts all blockchains into an electronic digital utopia.

Modern Finance Chain will be helping the world adopt crypto as a currency by creating an international digital market. You start with a payment solution and also rewards application for merchants and consumers which makes it straightforward to embrace crypto currency payments.
The Increased eyesight of Modern Finance Chain is your MF Mainnet with smart attributes.

How it Works?
Modern Finance Chain was created allowing consumers purchase goods and buy services through a cost-effective digital currency payment system which rewards both the merchant and consumer.
This crypto currency payment process is not only sustainable, but it also adds value for all the parties involved, i.e. the merchant and user. Additional it frees the challenges connected with the traditional payment system.


Payment Solution
The MF Sequence Android and iOS program makes any mobile device an entirely functional POS channel.
Clean, simple and instinctive. Possible for merchants to adopt.
Merchants may take into account the crypto of their choice and also earn MFX Rewards.
Utilize some wallet to join. Consumers don’t require special applications.
Merchants have the freedom of choice on the best way best to process cryptocurrency payments. Instantly convert into money, or keep a portion of their payment in Crypto Currency

>Independant Block Chain
>Smart Contract Platform
>ICO Platform
>Incentivized Masternodes
>Multi Blockchain Pairing
>Multi Currency Upgrades
>Consumer Rewards
>Merchant Rewards

ICO Information

The pre-ICO will be launched May 2018 while the ICO is on June 2018. To guarantee that the contributors which the fund they donated is likely to be used so, this ICO utilizes multi signature escrow. By using this approach, the capital raised will probably soon be secured during the ICO. Because of this, the programmers will not have the ability to touch or make use of the funds out of the contributors until a certain milestones are achieved. The Remaining details of the ICO are the Following:
MF String ICO Dates
Private Offer: April 5 – May 5
Pre-sale: May 6 – May 25
ICO : May 26 – June 25
Token Name: MFX
Total Supply: 521,000,000 MFX
For Sale: 301,000,000 MFX
Fixed Rate: Inch ETH = 10,150 MFX (Pre-ICO) / / 8500 MFX (ICO)
Soft Cap :2,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 33,000 ETH



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ETH address 0xC53AF309cb2c85F830148EDf1dfa4B2520E56594

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