OBIZCOIN is developing a BOT Business Intelligence Process created from Artificial Intelligence Technology and Blockchain Technology. In newly established companies and tiny and medium enterprises, due to limited resources, many job profiles are handled by top management-related people. Ought to be involved in all processes of the organization such as the Sales Process, BD Process, Purchase Process, Logistics Process, Hour or so Process, Account Process and etc. Handling too many items at the same spare time. Make them difficult to achieve excellence in any business processes. They do not have time to evaluate or monitor the actual performances. The lack of know-how in the field leads them to make a bad decisions, thus creating a danger for the company’s survival in the long run. This is where OBIZCOIN go into the picture.

How to work OBIZCOIN?
BOT will ability to to develop and improve business processes with the help of Block AI and Ethereum technology. A gradual upgrade in business intelligence will make BOT smarter every day, which will ultimately improve the process of organizational excellence. Process is several activities undertaken to own the desired result. Every activity in an organization requires a work. If you can not explain what what you are doing as a process, you do not know what you’re doing. Our OBIZCOIN Smart contract protocol uses Ethereum protocol, in which an open source blockchain with distributed computing for smart contracts. Smart contracts are immutable programs stored on the chain, which can promise contract’s action. Blockchain technology would create the transactions secure & transparent
SMART contracts brings transparency into the employee – employer relationship and there is definately not any trust necessary as expectations, deliverables and rewards could well hard locked into smart contracts and would not be changed without segwit of all festivities.

Business and Technology
Today, technology and business are deeply related. Technology helps business in performing better from creation of sets of commands and apps. Without business, technology will lose its stance and tray bird seed. As you can see, each of them are associated and they need oneself. The people behind Obizcoin have observed this sign and professionals one from the reasons why they are creating such a platform.

Benefits of Obizcoin :
1. Smart Process BOT obizcoin enable all the work of a developer turn out to be more efficient and successful.So Bot System Obizcoin that have been formed with so sophisticated will give you manage a better, and the most efficient for startups plus SMEs.
2. Utilizing the Obizcoin is actually able to find the some weakness of a business is run can mean that errors.
3. Obizcoin gives some calculation that more sense to reduce spending in the area less appropriate. offers:
-Quick deposits, fast withdrawals
-More than twelve excellent ways to deposit and withdraw money, such as VISA, MasterCard, WebMoney, etc
-Short sale-The short sale of more recent digital type asset allows an operator to benefit from a movement of the marketplace in any direction
-Reliable high-liquidity platform a great authorized and regulated broker, with a monthly trading volume in excess of than 11 billion dollars
-A perfect experience for your client is proud of their support team that solves any problem in just 46 seconds 24/7/365
-Comfortable trading offers you Web applications, desktop, for iOS and Android, so with you can operate with Criptoactives wherever you require!

BOT Services
Obizcoin BOT will provide the following services :
-Business Process Management
-Designs Processes
-Aligns Team
-Monitors Progress
-Reviews Efficiency
-Rewards Team
-Upgrades Process
-Operations Risk Score Analysis

ObizCoin Token(OBZ)
As well as the projects of other ICO, the company will issue its own currency which was given title ObizCoin(OBZ). OBZ is created on the Ethereum blockchain with type ERC-20. OBZ is a symbol that has many uses ranging from purchasing services that are provided in prestashop to generate products and services from vendor young partners. OBZ will allow access into the Obizcoin Platform . A percentage of services along with the Analysis within the Score as well as the Operational Risk will be disbursed exclusively through the token OBZ. The token is would often grant awards to employees, developers, and also co-workers.

Token Sale
Name : ObizCoin (OBZ)
Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 Obz with bonus
The Total number Of Tokens : 300,000,000
Pre-ICO :Start Date December 14,2017 until January 24, 2018
ICO : Start Date January 29, 2018 until the DateMarch 14, 2018


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