Open Collectors Network – The First one-of-a-kind Token

What exactly is Open Collectors Network?

Open Collectors Network may be the first decentralized platform for one-of-a-kind tokens, where everyone can easily create, customize, and interact with trades of token individuals on the open market based on existing standard specifications.

Our Platform allows you to create, interact and trade unique tokens. Some with the existing tokens, which could be sold on the platform – are CryptoPunks, CryptoKittens and Decentraland. However, any marker representing something rare and unique, can come in as a classic car, a celebrity or just an idea.

The platform does not jam or collect information. Your “Account” is on a Site Really represents your Ethereal bag. Although most tokens made and all about the exchange are exchanged, that is, 5 coins is equally good. We build a platform for everyone, regardless of their income level or language skills in the block rm.

On this platform, there are some important differences:

– Deal with unique individual tokens that are rare.

– Allow creating your own unique bookmarks.

– Allowing rules for interactions between elements.

– It has a remuneration mechanism, implemented based on user activity and decentralized.

Airdrop is provided periodically, previously form of ECTO drops, based for the combination of activity during the platform and also the amount of ECTO you possess.

Platform Objectives

We have some that have been implemented and most we been recently thinking and on. Ladies importantly, these are the things we do not think are interesting: our platforms are open to everyone we all expect innovative ideas become implemented in the top individual platform, especially since cumbersome equipment all the reasons associated with blocking.


Individuals or groups can distinguish items unique with them, for personal use (eg CryptoKitties)


Any freelancer or business can easily associate their personalized products (like cars, goods or handmade items).


Maintain their inventory ultimately ledger strengthen trust between their clientele.


Some involving games, regarding example Magic: The product or in-game collection such as AWP Dragon Lore’s skin on Counter-Strike , can be held in the ledger, increasing accountability and transparency for the owner firm. It also should make it trivial to attach amp; value (virtual currency) to any item.


The opportunity to purchase digital assets in order to have in games or in game development is possible through the use of the ERC721 homogeneous. This means the market offers tools for designers to sell their creations or teach these creations for further game enlargement.


Partnerships with companies that can categorize their products; let’s take an tyoe of users who live and breathe Apple products; when called he’ll make / buy a completely different unique Apple token, what place point he, or even us, can approach firm and obtain a discount for him as the reward.


It always be noted that digital media can be represented here. Possibly getting just one be pictures, pictures, music, books, or some different one might need. For example, every artist, writer, musician can sell their assets, as long as it’s digital to anyone who aspires to find the asset. Furthermore, digital rights relating into the ownership of digital media can can be obtained and sold through business. The latter has major of avoiding digital rights auctions and reducing kitchens . of transacting significantly and the costs together with it. Small creations, for example a brand name, or logo can be directly held on-chain, while larger ones can be stored anywhere above the cloud, in support of hash of this values trapped in the balance sheet.


Our platform aims to partner along with a KYC solution, where the actual user identifies his identity, his unique token is generated in blockchain. Whenever an individual needs to ensure his identity with another website, he could use Metamask to sign a transaction verifying that she / she is the token owner with the the information and many of the may re-check using our API. Changing can be applied to are usually use cases of logging to websites and might the unique way as logging into websites with Facebook or Google, unless it truly is be decentralized and could have your credentials, definitely a 3rd party company.


One of the most simple and common patterns in coding in general is cord less mouse with an offering of objects various attributes. Several includes arrays, lists, dictionaries, hashmaps right now there are many open source libraries give custom collections (think C ++ Boost, .Net C5 etc.). Our platform offers an open-source library with collections that store objects in the ledger, bringing with all of it the benefits associated with decentralization while simplifying all the complexity of the block. All you need a wallet capable of signing sales.


Features like Facebook ‘like’ buttons which is often easily installed simply discover that script tags on your site, allowing various functions for your token.


Anyone can establish individual & unique tokens, based on existing ERC721 standards, a new seamless cp or our standard REST / Json API, for greater advanced or corporate events.

The rules of interaction between tokens and other similar tokens can be defined. This allows customized conditions, even like games for ones token.

Among the present tokens that respect the interface and be traded on our platform are Decentraland, CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks. We expect more to be able to made in the future by 3rd parties all of us support the token trading on our platform.

We bridge the gap between blockchain and day-to-day technology: the woking platform provides an intuitive interface for defining unique token details and rules of your token and achieving automated algorithms to prevent duplicates. You will not need to know programming develop your own token for something such as or need.


Along while using increasing value of popular tokens over time, they can be traded relating to the open & decentralized market in various forms: fixed prices, several types of auctions and exchanges along with other tokens.

This platform provides trade features regarding example finding tokens, contacting token owners (limits will apply), top tokens, tokens, history, orders and much more.

The main benefit of using the ledger for this purpose may be the increased trust when purchasing such goods, because the owner is saved in the ledger, so the proof of authenticity will be the token on its own is.

Our platform will host the first exchange that you can create & exchange unnoticed (unique) offers.

ECTO tokens

Open Collectors Network doesn’t only include an open platform for all. The purpose is to encourage innovative ideas for flourish, to be able to developed and implemented upon its unique platform. While the Open Collectors Network’s platform itself offers excitement, firm believes you’ll find that room to suit your innovative ideas.

To help realize your ideas, outside Collectors Network provides you with the woking platform needed and ECTO bridal party. Boasting tamper-proof security, accountability, transparency, and the best absolute ownership, the sale is indeed hard passing by. Among the aforementioned benefits, by owning ECTO tokens you buy the following perks.

– Usability

The remaining barrier to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the complicated technical terminology one important difficulty helpful. To help accelerate mainstream adoption, Open Collectors Network provides users with clean, intuitive, and user friendly interface.

– Seamless creation

If get innovative ideas and you probably know how to create it within an unique item as it’s envisioned, you will directly enter ownership. A person a place to be creative and make profit in the end.

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