MORPHEUS – Automated Global Supply Chain

Morpheus Network is to positive there is a supply chain platform that is fully fledged. The platform is going to reap some benefits of the cryptocurrency and employ the blockchain technology. This is going to ensure that money transfer is safe and fast. The platform very likely automate the digitization of this shipping contracts.

Conventional that the completion of one task will trigger adhering to part of the smart contract. Morpheus Network components can be used individually or altogether and the working platform does not require both sides to in order to sell to work appropriately.

Platform Morpheus
The Morpheus.Network dashboard gui with simple design, network interaction and revision or addition of Intelligent Contract goals in the user’s supply chain is intuitive and easy to exploit. This is certainly so that users can easily see the flow of funds and documentation in every transaction also using Morpheus.Network features such as escrow payment services and digitizing documents.
This platform features permission settings to determine which documents or reasons like smart contracts are maintained and are usually visible and could be shared with forwarders, customs brokers and user forwarders.

Why The Morpheus Network?
Other blockchain and non-blockchain based services available, such as TenX, Monaco, Paypal, Alipay and Wechat, don’t offer exact same security and functionality when it for any man to international transfers using the import and export industry. Generating and storing original documentation on the blockchain such mainly because manufacturing or work contracts and shipping forms (commercial invoices, packing lists, insurance documents, bills of lading) is an element to the network and not simply a part of the retail, payment processing world whether written on blockchain technology or not. Same goes for many major functions of the Morpheus Network like automating supply chains, escrow smart contract payments, integrating other blockchain technologies, automated shipping documentation generation, import/export tutorial services and more.

Who can make use of the Morpheus Network?
The good news is that the network can be used by almost anyone. A person have complete registering upon the platform, a wallet is formed. You can easily maneuver on the woking platform. Buyers are at liberty pay for whatever they want without restrictions. May range from intricate smart contract purchases to small transfers. Currencies can also be converted for the platform. Manufacturers, sellers, buyers, and exporters can gain a wide and international exposure by signing up on the platform. There are also many benefits you may get on the platform because the platform is more finer quality than traditional banking.

What Is Being Automated?
-First lets supply a very simple review how the import business works
-Importer orders merchandise from overseas manufacturer to fill order requests
-Importer pays percentage of costs upfront
-Manufacturer supplies product
-Product is imported to service
-Product passes through Customs
-Importer receives product and pays manufacturer the deposits.
-Product is shipped
-security and Privacy

How these are automated:

-Order Requests
Morpheus Network will use smart contracts to automatically place orders for forums. For example, if a retailer decide an additional shipment of women’s dresses their order will trigger a shrewd contract to put a purchase with the manufacturer. The smart contract will collect and transfer money between individuals at each step required.

Morpheus Network address payments in two ways. Quite is by way of SWIFT, a messaging system that allows the transfer of money between over 1600 bank brands.The second way of addressing payments is present in the MORPH token as being form of pay back. MORPH would used a cryptocurrency and can converted to FIAT by using an exchange. Payments tend for handled via smart contract and can be tied to milestones regarding location or time. Make selected prevent loss dollars the platform will a great integrated escrow system don’t misunderstand allow parties to lock payments in until the milestones are met.

The Morpheus Network will utilize Artificial Intelligence to the most beneficial method, route, cost and timing of shipping. Morpheus helpful for with all involving transport including trucks, ships, airplanes and trains.

-Customs Documentation
Customs and government required documentation holds heavily reliant on physical newspaper. Morpheus will digitize point about this specific paperwork and store it concerning the blockchain (providing ownership and immutability) via SIA. The platform furthermore autogenerate required Customs documents for importers, exporters and shippers.

Tracking tend always be conducted using blockchain. The tracking of products and inventory will need location, shipping and receiving information turn out to be logged on top of the blockchain. Information will be recorded within a similar for you into a transfer of cryptocurrencies. This supply chain data will be immutable and shall provide an elaborate overview associated with shipping intel.

Token And ICO Details
The token is a worth based utility. Users can access the Morpheus Network by using the wedding party. The most important object of the smart contracts is payments that cross borders. There are many payments methods that cross borders but most of your available methods have many constraints and most people don’t trust them. The associated with the token depends most on the real-time value of the currency which can be carry out full commissions. The tokens are integrated with SWIFT and it is then possible to send money directly to the recipient’s bank account. You can send money to more than one thousand six hundred banks internationally in different currencies via the smart contracts.
The MORPH Token exactly what will be functioning considering that the standard currency on prestashop. This is definitely definitely an ERC20 Ethereum based token which provides added protective.

The pre-sale of the Morpheus Network token was schedule on 23, February in 2018. Even if the company nonetheless negotiating because of the token sale, but food said how the minimum token to buy should be 40 tokens and they’ll cost $ 20.
Presale start date februari 23rd 2018
Presale end date march 4th 2018
Presale token price USD $0.5=1.12 Morph

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GALAXY eSOLUTIONS - Ecosystem eCommerce Global

Galaxy eSolutions is a global eCommerce business that is ready to become a Market Leader in the Gadgets Sector Pre-owned and restored. GES is headquartered in Hong Kong. The GES team launches a coin called Ges tokens. This token can be used instead of ethereum or to purchase the product.

How is GES different?
We are to incorporate the Blockchain platform onto one of our marketplaces MobileFreak, where consumers and businesses can trade-in their phones with other companies. It will be a direct P2P type model and ecosystem. The blockchain technology will also help to easily and quickly record details in the goods, transactions, and logistics of both sides. This will be a model and direct P2P type ecosystem. Blockchain technology will also can help to easily and quickly record details of goods, transactions, and logistics on both parties.
This can address the issues of trust and credibility between 2 parties, for supplier quality, product ratings and quality standards, Mobile serial number to ensure genuine and non-counterfeit goods or stolen goods, and payment of products and services.


Advantage of Galaxy eSolutions
Galaxy eSolutions, Limited is a global cross-border eCommerce business set to become Market Leader in client Electro-technical Sector and Pre-Electivity. Galaxy eSolutions is headquartered in Hong Kong there are our eyes on the global market. Amongst others are:
-Achieve monthly sales of nearly $ two million within 9 months.
-Grab a monthly operating point by August 2017.
-Expected to reach 20 million USD by 2018.

Token Offering
Token symbol: GES
Token Usage: Tokens works in ecosystem for product or service.
Token users receive a 5% token-back reward on purchases end of it of .
Maximum supply: 300M with unsold tokens burned.
Token Price: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens (0.0001 ETH per token).
Minimum Purchase: 1 ETH
Hardcap: 20,000 ETH

ICO: 28th February 2018 to 31st March 2018
0.1 to 49 ETH = 20% bonus
50 to 99 ETH = 25% bonus
100 to 249 ETH = 30% bonus
250 to 499 ETH = 35% bonus
500 to 999 ETH = 40% bonus
1000 to 2499 ETH = 45% bonus
2500 ETH and above = 50% bonus

Token Utility
GES tokens can have the following usages in the ecosystem:
-For listings services (applicable on suppliers).
-Upgraded services, such as accreditation of verified and /or featured suppliers.
-For Galaxy eSolutions software program as product refurbishment & inspection services (on goods quality).
-To wedding ceremony ship-on-hold logistic centre (giving greater tranquillity on trading than smart contracts).
-GES tokens can be applied on Galaxy eSolutions’ sites for buying.

1. In 2016 December launched NDBQ site
2. In January 2017 the initial order of 50 orders every day
3. In March 2017 launched android site, 100 pesenan every day
4. Might 2017 above and beyond 1.5 $ Milion USD, from 20 countries
5. In September 2017 Creating and developing break event point and management control
6. In October 2017, Get 2 $ Milion USD per month
7. In November 2017 , launching ico Presale
8. In December 2017, Planing on GES placement and launching ico office
9. In January 2018 Starting sales of Samsung smartphones
10. In March 2018 Mobile Freak stage 1 launching
11. In June 2018, Build a Marketplace
12. In September of September 2018, Mobile Freak stage 2 Launching
13. In October 2018 Marketplace is getting ready to launch

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SAFEKEET – The Smart Digital Safe Deposit Box That Simplifies


SAFEKEET is built a smart platform that will enable automated documents cataloging and archiving. Data Storage is great, but be inside a throw every document in one place and find out that everything has been carefully sorted, that’s better the actual instrumentality of this modern innovation. Safekeet is eager to be familiar with user’s service bills, tax statements, etc. and sort them in the right place as a way absolutely simplify the ways files are stored and retrieved, eventually.

The platform is a connected living network that features a data interface that can gather automatically user’s personal reports. Once the connection is recognized, users of the ecosystem don’t need to scan or mail bills and documents, safekeet takes good it by uploading them into your SafeKeet private inbox.
What’s more, it is going to use the synthetic intelligence as well as to optical character recognition engineering to be qualified for secure your computer details. You won’t need to think about matters such as hacking once you’re storing the ideas.
Moreover, it often be using the artificial intelligence as well as optical character recognition technology to be able to protect your data. You will not have to fret about things like hacking whenever in order to saving the data files.

The advantage of decentralization is start selling it not need to trust any company since your things will be on the chain. This system also uses AI to sort your documents, their fragments, encrypt them, and then store them with the users own block chain. Users with spare storage can receive tokens, preserving the fragmented and encrypted data of other people, and users with files can store their important materials on the block-chain by holding tokens.

Decentralized architecture
The decentralization will ensure that the privacy on the data is maintained too. This ensures that if you are saving even confidential data or crucial data, you won’t have be concerned about the privacy of the data on their own. This will again provide you with a platform that be works with storing highly classified data as well as features the familiar proper safety mechanisms high. Owing to the blockchain technology, the information will be stored in the decentralized route. This will ensure not exactly the safety mechanisms in place will protect your data but the decentralization technology will also protect information. This will ensure that you able to hold your data in a wholly safe way.

The Blockchain technology in order to be incorporated let community members explore enormous potentials and benefits among the platform; hence the bionetwork will be fueled with the mechanism of the token.

Pre-ICO and ICO only 20% tokens of superior health supply would be allocated. Company decide to create minimum sale for Pre-ICO and ICO it would be 12 000 000 SKT tokens, otherwise project in order to canceled. If ICO would certainly be successfully token release is planned on March 2018.
The token that is employed to interconnect mutually within the circumference among the platform is Safekeet tokens (SKT). The token possibly be traded for the Ethereum platform and smart contract tailored towards that direction to ensure dependability. 1, 000, 000, 000 SKT have been created overall supply. 12, 000, 000 SKT is scheduled as Softcap while 200, 000, 000 SKT is postulated regarding Hardcap for that project. During ICO, 1 SKT will be equal to 0.25.

Token sale
-Token acronym: SKT
-Pre-ICO : From 15th January 2018
-Price – 0.25 EUR per SKT token, discount based on volume
-Accepted fiat currency – EUR or USD
-Soft cap: 12 million tokens
-Hard cap: 200 million tokens
-Accepted cryptocurrencies – BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC.
-Total token supply: 1 000 000 000 SKT

Safekeet is equipped with a solution which many on the companies currently looking over. The enterprise market for this solution additionally be pretty giant. This is the reason why the potential of this platform is reasonably huge as well as the platform has arrived to remain. As long as the company is just about to get the first traction on the list of clients, long term of this platform looks pretty white-colored.


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FRASCOIN – Generate Routine Passive Income

Frasindo is a company may bolster the world of online transport and the field cryptocurrency, using capital from ICO to develop real business in the transportation sector and will promise dividends / profits for token owners, this is a great concept and rarely stumbled upon.
This project will really do the first companies that fully cooperate to be the use-cases of blockchain technology and example of all blockchain ability. Unlike other coin, frascoin gives routine incomes in digital Asset up to 40%/year plus Free car usage and lots benefits.

But, still many problems exist in the sector which discourages people to invest. A few of the problems are mentioned below.
-Lack of transparency and activity
-Not backed by any reals assets to safeguard the company
-Lack of proper roadmap and Goals to earn revenue
-Lack of failproof Plan to protect the member of the community
-Selling false hopes and idea without any prototype and solution

FRASCOIN is offering real value to the customers with a failproof plan. It is a company in Indonesia involved in the car rental business. Its partners are UBER, GRAB and GOCAR. Having a real asset backing, it is a self-sustainable blockchain incubator which provides people with a unique investment option. The company is legally registered in Indonesia with the physical office and a transparent business model.

-It provides free car usage facility along with drivers. Well, how about going out with your family on a business vacation?
-The child projects in the platform will be awarded 10% giveaway of coins which is sure going to benefit them.
-The growth of the company varies and the profit coming from the company is going to help it in even tough times.
-The Buyback feature is an add-on. This helps to keep the coins safe from dump and pump.

-24/7 real observable live Activities by GPS & Camera, Help us securing the company
-Backed by real Assets, and the assets Certificate are Escrowed by NXT Foundation
-Fully EStablished companies, not much research needed anymore, completing the less
-PROVIDE Routine Passive Income, may never worry on market downturn times
-Legalized and REGULATED by the government, included in 2020 indo-transportation master-plan
-Everything about frasindo, anytime, anywhere, as easy from your phone

FRAS coin is the official token for Frasindo project. It is a utility coin backed by real assets. It will operate on top of Ardor Ignis Stellar blockchain. It is a multi-blockchain platform. The token supply for the ICO is 100 million FRAS coins. The limited supply helps retain the price of the coin. The best way to get these coins is through crowdsale. FRAS coins don’t have any right to company ownership. Token holders get additional 10% coins during company expansion. The deadline for ICO is 21rd February 2018.

Token Allocation
Total FRAS Coin for crowdsale : constant 71,140,160FRAS (+Bonus morning time) allotted through crowdsale
Bounty & Marketing : consistently two% from the total opinions, in total 1,814,800FRAS, dispensed through a lot of bounty programs
FRAS Coin bought to initial supporter :
consistently 1,260,000FRAS will be reserved and allotted to present initial supporters in which investment 7cars in operational
In element 1,050,000 FRAS(7cars x 150,000FRAS) &and& +20% Bonus (210,000FRAS).

Token Sale and distribution
The crowdsale has already started from 15th February and will end by 15th April 2018.
The Round 1 is open for 4 days and will provide a 20% bonus.
The Round 2 is open for 5 days and will provide an 18% bonus.
The Round 3 is open for 6 days and will provide a 15% bonus.
The Round 4 is open for 7 days and will provide a 10% bonus.
The Round 5 is open for 10 days and will provide a 7% bonus.
The Round 6 is open for 13 days and will provide a 5% bonus.
The Round 7 is open for 15 days and will provide a 0% bonus.

If the token will not be sold out on ICO, management makes the remaining purchases and thus will fix the price and affect the token growth. They have such financial opportunities. Another advantage of token holders is that they will be able to receive monthly income depending on the amount of crypts they have. Dividends will be sent from the car rental company daily and to convert from Fiat to digital currency. Thus, investors will be able to generate a good additional income.

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