VoxelX ~ Blockchain Powered Medical DICOM-Platform

VoxelX platform is packed with lots of applications which empowers the medical student and the radiologist to socialize readily using all the DICOM-Images. One of these programs are advanced drawing tools which allow it to be feasible to link and connect the arrangements and diseases on the graphics together with recognised wisdom tools on the internet. The city of VoxelX is the property funding. We can split this community in line with this attention to students, publishers and validators. They all is able to socialize with eachother openly or privately.
VoxelX’s assignment is to reevaluate the multi disciplinary learning by producing a blockchain powered on the web DICOM-platform to mimic medical understanding. VoxelX’s team is just one of those couple who is working as 2013 in executing DICOM-images in medical e learning particularly in radiology niche.

The Problem and the answer
Multi disciplinary learning is just one among the most challenging activities in medical instruction, on either graduate and post graduate levels. And whilst the level of data in clinical sciences develops rapidly, the requirements on such a learning are becoming bigger.


VoxelX: The Online DICOM-Platform

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is standard for preserving and transmitting medical images allowing the integration of medical imaging devices such as scanners, servers, workstations, printers, network hardware, and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) from various manufacturers. It has been widely adopted by physicians, and so is making inroads in to smaller applications including dentists’ and doctors’ offices

DICOM-platform is produced to mimic radiology learning. It’s only interactive and educative. Among its most important features will be the capability to annotate and link architecture and pathologies from the DICOM-images directly together with potential knowledge tools on the internet.


Why Choose VoxelX?
>You’re not Buying a notion, but rather at a beta product that can reevaluate the Multi Disciplinary learning.
>We’re not really a huge team with asserting big thoughts, but we have been a small but concentrated staff who has proceeded out of asserting to demonstrated.
>Together with VoxelX you aren’t kickstarting a job, but alternatively you’re kick-finishing it and begin profiting.


What Exactly Is Grey Coin?
VoxelX token is called GRAY and also used chiefly to fund the construction of materials to the DICOM-Platform.
Grey coins will be Ethereum’s ERC-20 components that allowed us to create rewards algorithm which pays radiologists for each and every time miniature submission and upgrade of those contents and graphics of this platform.
Together with grey coins we can monetize the internet content and make incentives to boost radiologists both as publishers and validators in expanding and building town of this platform.


2013: launching of this VoxelX
2014 2015: the first development of the stage
December 20-16: launching of this beta version of this VoxelX system in RSNA, Chicago
20 17 Q1-Q2: >100 Publications around the
20 17 stage Q3-Q4: launching of this
2018 community serves Q1: integration of this VoxelX system with blockchain
2018 Q 2: private and private sale of Grey
2018 mark Q 3: hiring more programmers to Improve the Growth of VoxelX
20-19 Q1: Beta launch + Official launching of VoxelX
20-19 Q 2: variant VoxelX platfrom
20-19 Q3-Q4: >2000 Publication on the VoxelX platform.


Website: https://voxelx.io/
Whitepaper : https://voxelx.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/White-paper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3242811
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Voxel_X
Telegram: https://t.me/voxelx

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ZeCash – Cryptocurrency With A High Degree Of Anonymity

A break through digital solution related to cryptocurrencies transactions. Using new proprietaries features to create ZeCash. New protocols to Secure Proof of Stake, new Staking concept, fresh anonymity features, lightning network processing and more from our whitepaper. To get ecommerce, private payments, online business, sells shop. ZeCash will accelerate transaction with both the clients and providers on decentralized stable atmosphere.

Zecash a new sort of cryptocurrency, the main difference from the The others is the higher solitude. In other words, at the time of their transaction cost data, information regarding the receiver and the sender isn’t on display, and for affirmation of any action demanded personal user script. And also this, as well as updated smart contracts, can significantly enhance the user anonymous, and with coins ZeCash. Currency is made on the basis of experience of their ideal crypto technology, but taking into consideration the most recent progress in this particular realm. Based creators token ZeCash will be a true revolution in cryptomire.

For trade processing ZeCash be used Proof of Stake algorithm. While all transports will happen as promptly as possible and with minimum fees.
ZeCash proprietors are going to receive a reward of up to 5 percent per month to get its storage of money in his wallet. And the additional money you can find, the more you may earn.

The possibility of mining large – benefit from ZeCash will be higher Than other coins of mining, even as the laptop performance is going to be substituted by a virtual resource. In other words, an individual with initially little capital and a lack of opportunities to purchase expensive equipment, too, will have the ability to go into the industry cryptocurrency and possess a reliable income, acquiring a coin ZeCash. Unlike other cryptocurrency ZeCash can be regarded causal. While it is focused on practical usage when investing in goods and services, to which so on will come the electronic market.


ZeCash tokens have numerous benefits, such as having improved Investment opportunities and optimizing the ZeCash test mechanism through them. Users can take advantage of the offerers’ offer and protect it at the pocket. This primarily aims to reduce losses, but can give the user five percent (5 percent ) of the total benefit rate.

For this reason, all ZeCash tokens can be sold for Simple accessibility And standard management. ZeCash will remain on the exact same basis as Bit-coin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash. The volatility and liquidity of this wise coin will generally be balanced in compliance with the operational structure of the operations. This may be the most important advantage of the zecash blockchain nominal money.

The ZeCash system serves as a system with many features and features. Operation is decorated with many functions. These features consist of the speedy procedure that comes with the system lighting procedure. Instant payment for trades and tends to make transactions happen on time. ZeCash offers boundless ZeProtocol, where users can enjoy the performance of this POS process.

The superior safety level is quite high and typically satisfies the Process safety conditions. More over, ZeCash provides owners with proven ownership and controlled delivery. This contributes to this signs that ecological work is more effective and avoids liquidity symbols. For this reason, furthermore, Platform Zewallet has been taken out of the center with Annon and hidden surgeries.

Problem and Solution

One of the most important problems that consumers face is your large Commission number. In addition, processing rates are diminishing: users are increasing, spending is rising, and also resources are not enough to solve these issues. ZeCash supplies high processing speed. The issue is a small effort to find the source of the trade and an individual’s full financial history. ZeCash is a decentralized, open source cryptographic money that provides high-level confidentiality with an ZeAnon protocol. Protocols protect transactions: hide sender, receiver and sum of cash.

Zecash atilim electronic, and solution for transactions associated with crypto. Use the newest property to produce the new generation ZeCash Ze of The mine. New Protocol to procure proof of theory, new anonymity network operations in whitepaper, radar along with other capabilities. ZeCash for e commerce, payment, on line business, a store will speed up trades spread environmentally closely together with its own customers and suppliers.

Token details:
Token: ZCH
Number of tokens: 500 000 000
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Possible attachments: BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH, BCH.
Token Hard CAP: 500,000,000
Rate ZCH / USD: 1 / 0.10 $
Rate ZCH / BTC: 1 / ~ 0,00001
Rate ZCH / ETH: 1 / ~ 0.0002

Website: https://ze.cash/
Whitepaper: https://ze.cash/assets/docs/Zecash_Whitepaper.pdf
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3229718
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeCash_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeCash-178476346280771
Telegram: https://t.me/ZeCash

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CRYPTOCARZ – The World’s First Blockchain-Enabled Vr Racing Experience


CryptoCarz is the primary gaming platform with blockchain, VR and advanced gaming technologies. It provides players new chances such as racing and visualization in their cars.
CryptoCarz is really a decentralized application (DAPP) with Decentralized Gaming Keyboards, dependent on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. CryptoCarz provide a multiplayer, virtual reality empowered racing experience, powered by blockchain technology, allowing you to develop and drive your ride on line where our racetracks will let you test your skills.
Cryptocarz utilizes the ethereum blockchain to permit one to buy and exchange your very own personalized racing vehicles that are stored on your very own private ethereum wallet. Each model can have a small quantity of cars, enforced with the smart contract code, even after that no further of every type will ever be produced… To participate in races, you will have to hire or own acar. Expect ESport Arena championship events and a lot more, in that you can reap loading up your cars from your blockchain garage.
Cars will be bought via official CryptoCarz internet site under the smart contract. Subsequent to the job creation, a special CryptoCarz market will allow users to trade their cars at the real market freely. The Cryptocarz issuance platform will put together the following:
• Ethereum Network
• NFT Utilizing ERC721 Smart Contracts
• Auction Engine using Smart Contracts
• Web Application and User Authentication

Although the library of available models and components will likely be limited at this point, it is expected to develop over time to add new features and components. Other Portion of these period comprise;
• Development of Show Room
• Evaluation track simulations
• Exploded perspectives
• Marketplace backend Improvement
• Blockchain integration

Cryptocarz Concept
To race into the match, a user will have to show ownership of a car that’s modelled and stored within a ERC721 Ethereum token in the gamer’s private wallet. Even the ERC721 token has paved the way to get a new class of digital assets called non fungible tokens (NFTs). The automobile will then be loaded in to the match via integration using MetaMask as well as other proprietary tools.


The game will initially offer 20 car variations representative of the top cryptocurrencies. Each model will have no more than 650 units, hardcoded and numerically defined from the wise contract. No further cars in those models will be produced later on. Traits of these corresponding cryptocurrency are designed to affect game dynamics. The cars will be sold via the official CryptoCarz web site and you will be bought from a wise contract using ether and a MetaMask Chrome plugin. At the 2nd stage, a passionate CryptoCarz market place will enable users to publicly trade their cars onto a secondary industry. Each version has a series of characteristics which will influence the behavior and performance of an automobile during the race. These features can be altered in time. With the addition or replacement of certain components, such as suspension and engine, making each car extremely unique. Ownership of those components will be established by nominal possession within an individual’s pocket.

How it Work?
Ethereum facilitates buying and selling of racing automobiles through Cryptocarz. The autos are retained in ETH computerized Wallet of its user. Each model has a predetermined number of autos along side an agreement code for its own regulation. CryptoCarz models are considered usefulness nominal with characteristic value.
A new player should either hire or possess a car to play with a racing event. For racing intention, a new player needs to demonstrate his ownership of this auto which is stored within his private Wallet. After the auto will be loaded in the match through autonomous apparatus. At the inherent point, 20 auto models will likely be offered that can represent top crypto currencies. Each model will probably have 650 units and no additional autos will soon be available in the marketplace.


The Advantages of Cryptocarz
To be honest, the advantages related to the project needs to be primarily regarding just how in which the game it self works. This really is more than simply your racing skill since it also involves assembling the right car and advancing on the kits because they are released. Even the blockchain aspect is not difficult to know since you simply use it to store data from one’s cars and history, which can be hardly new in a technical understanding but it’s pretty cool to own them by using this process within this game.



Website: https://www.cryptocarz.io/
Drivepaper: https://www.cryptocarz.io/assets/docs/CryptoCarz_WP.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptocarz
Telegram: https://t.me/cryptocarz

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Impressio Estate, Ltd, is a UK-based cryptocurrency investment platform for all users worldwide to get and grow their money, while it’s deposited at once or incrementally. We provide exceptional investment plans for investors of all kinds. There are several people who don’t know just how to start investing in crypto currency, or simply just do not need enough time and energy to do so. Impressio manages each these needs for them, and goes above and beyond to their investors.
Impressio now relies on investment chances, but is proud to go into the lending industry in 2019.
There’s truly some untapped possibility when it comes to the efficiency and transparency of both blockchain, also
Impressio hopes to optimize the chances in both investment and financing sectors. This allows
Impressio to stay a exceptional position to benefit from both investing and financing.
The attractiveness of Impressio is that it is diversified. Of course, it’s a clear option for people who are interested
in investing in cryptocurrency minus the energy or time to devote to the market constantly.
The Impressio platform utilizes blockchain technology unique features through distributed decentralized ledgers combined with all the block chain for business incentives and unparalleled value allowance for the users.

Even the Impressio platform opens new chances for the growth of internet company and high earnings for many comers. A promising area of work and sufficient expertise in a narrow specialty let us keep up top competition and supply us with leadership positions on the market.

>Direct deposit enrollment
The deposit is credited within 13 confirmations and is based just on network speed and trade fees.

>Instant profit withdrawals
All requests of users to draw funds are processed instantly and in automatic manner.

>Maximum data protection
The web platform is permanently protected from external dangers and scanned each day for malicious code.

>Regular accruals
Depending on the preferred investment plan, benefit is accrued daily, hourly or by the conclusion of the term.

>Partnership rewards
Impressio promotes the popularization of internet earnings and supplies a high reward for attracting investments trough referral link or coupon codes.

>Dedicated server
The team grows all of the functionality on a separate host of their very high quality hosting provider.

Exactly why IMPRESSIO.io?
Distributed ledgers and blockchain protocols bring unprecedented value to the loyalty application of the potential:

>Participation in major Investment/Lending job
>Stable profit accruals based on investment program together with all the chance of daily/hourly withdrawals
>Fast deposit transfer and immediate processing of all withdrawal requests
>Comprehensive solution into the development of programs to encourage active users
>24/7 support and a quick answer to almost any questions that you may experience

>A exceptional code That’s flexible to any internet platform using a high degree of security
>Usage of an automated payment processing – API – with reduced cost
>The ability to create mutual settlements in almost any liquid cryptocurrency or Impressio tokens
>Constant assistance and updating of the applications by experienced developers
>High levels of partner reward for neighborhood and international Impressio advertising

>Close and mutually beneficial cooperation using all the Impressio development staff
>Fully guaranteed reimbursement for pinpointing applications bugs and Searching for answers
>The possibility of professional growth and acquiring necessary abilities in the field of web development

ICO Details
The Impressio token is ERC20 compliant at the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contract for Fiat money exchanges. Precisely the Impressio total token supply, softcap along with hardcap can be found on the Impressio website.
Token Name: IMPR
Platform: Ethereum ERC20
Payment Received: ETH, BTC, LTC
pre-ICO: 10,000,000 IMPR Token

- IMPRESSIO - The future of investing - Google Chrome 2018-05-24 17.02.51.png


Website: https://impressio.io/
Whitepaper: https://impressio.io/lightpaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImpressioLTD
Facebook: https://fb.me/impressioLTD
Telegram: https://t.me/impressioLTD

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