Node is Wireless Future

Node is a fantastic advanced start-up that interrupts a business market of Wi-Fi sending gadgets each and every personal and skilled use. Our spectacular enhancements, analysis actions within the space of space for storing and sending of power, enable United states to supply alternatives that area unit recognized by high-quality and efficiency people.

The essence of the promising technology from Node is how the imposition of many magnetic force waves on the kind of impulses of numerous length and frequency each alternative, once that these waves look over a special ferroelectric material and a magnetic force lens out from the structured metamaterial.

-Receiving surfaces (antennas) any specific shape
-Absolute protection against dust and moisture
-Energy is transmitted in space ( eld), regardless of the position of the receiver to barefoot jogging.
-Energy transfer while the receiver is moving.
-Large distance of energy transfer

Node is conducting research and possibly be implemented a fields of production, construction, agriculture, energy, security because fields. The subsequent areas are under development.
-Automotive, Node will create the Electric Vehicle charging product faster and convenient. its implementation is actually safe, environmentally friendly, low cost, simple, and fast charging much like charging in regular service station.
-Wireless Cable Installation, Advantages This product compared with transmission connectors is usable for unmanned systems also as industrial robotics.
-Health care, Node is actively mixed up in research and development of brand new sensors to find the non-invasive chemical composition of liquids and media. Using new signal transmission methods through various media and gathering information about these signal changes get a car . resonance frequencies, it is workable to determine with the truth and level of chemical elements and compounds in a certain volume.

The NODE token an individual a singular chance to look at a position during a radical technological productwireless transmission devices for each personal and business use. This spherical of the funds raising is aimed toward funding the Node devices production, selling and sales.
The NODE token along with an unique chances for in order to successfully invest in the products. As far as current raising among the funds is concerned, may be conducted for better financing of the devices, for the marketing, and production point.
The Pre-ITO for the project began from 7th December 2017 and will continue until 7th January 2018. The price of one token in the Pre-ITO possibly be 1 Dollars. The total tokens are usually to be issued globe platform are 0.75 million and people who end up being a some of it will be given a bonus of 50%. All the unused tokens will be burned. The ITO for Node will begin as 15th February 2018 and would continue until 15th April 2018. Price of one token in the ITO will account for 1 $. The participants who will participate early has the ability to taste the bonus.
For submitting to directories ten days, there is a 30% bonus; the next ten days will present you with a 20% bonus, followed by 15%, and 10% bonus for the consecutive ten days.



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Cryptocurrency Reformation Beyond Limits – ValueCash

ValueCash is a Platform that creates and develops a Cryptocurrency using Blockchain technology as the basis for its coding. ValueCash aims to restructure and democratize the Brick and then click Market, the Escrow Market and the Exchange Market, when using the “PoT Protocol – proof of Trade”, put together by experienced and professional teams. ValueCash provides users with a new greater and more revolutionary cryptocurrency.
This ValueCash ecosystem is designed to offer its Distinct Protocol as an important element of the growing Crypto-Economy and a catalyst market engine to renew current state of the Trade, Exchange and Custody sector and Blockchain Technology.

There is no more important than comprehending the brimming possibilities of this Blockchain Technology, widespread access to the Commerce Sector. Full participation in the Crypto-Economy to drive a new era of Commerce, Rewards, Development and Productivity.

Inflation has made the world ignore the GOLDEN AGE. Nobody needs to seem to see why $100 in 2010 2001 can not afford what it could, this 12. Yet, wages and salaries are not increased while death rate increases in war, crime and diseases just to mention a few because we can not afford our incoming.


ValueCash as a cryptocurrency is using the concept belonging to the PoT Protocol which empowers people to earn while they spend. With this, people will be encouraged to continue to work hard and smarter. People will have more buying and greater freedom of choice can take its shape among mankind.

The technology of open book for trade, custody and exchange in one world. A Decentralized Entity, which rewards Traders and Users. Certainly, this is a revolutionary demonstration. Being an organization, we are suffering from the PoT protocol for users in order to become in the process of approving new ValueCash Coin when performing their daily purchase and sale companies. In this way, everyone, rich or poor, will be able to own, control and benefit from the Trade Industry, the Trading Platform, Escrow and Blockchain innovation.

“Evidence of Trade”, which joins the hearty idea of business and the blockchain innovation, utilizing cryptographic strategies to distrupt and change.
The PoT protocol is arranged to place control under the hands of the crypto-community by getting to be validators of their exchanges, while likewise making 10% new valuecash as an incentive.

ValueCash Exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can easily and sell using different flat currencies or altcoins. Cryptocurrency trading is a shopping platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. May exchanges. The ValueCash Exchange will also host a burglar Deposit Section where buyers and sellers who want to participate their own flat currencies can go for it at would.
-Exchange Highlights
-Exchange fees will be paid at ValueCash
-Low negotiation rate of 0.1%.
-Low withdrawal rate
-50% from the negotiation fee will be allocated with regard to invitation bonus
-50% pay a visit to ValueCash Exchange
-Decentralised exchange (to enter the future)
-Trust exchange for the flat cure
-Valuecash houses a particular protocol, referred to as the PoT Standard protocol.

If a Buyer patronizes a Merchant of goods worth 100 XVL, 10% of the transaction Volume which is 10 XVL, will be created as new ValueCash, it get distributed on the list of Buyer, Merchant, Affiliate and Blockchain Security and Project Development in the ratio 5:2:1:2 respectively and added on the current ValueCash supply.
This means that Buyers get 50% in the New Coin, Merchants get 20%,Affiliates get 10% while 20% stays in the Security of ValueCash BlockChain Network, Future Development and Promotional.

The value token of the ValueCash Blockchain is called ValueCash while ValueBit may be the smallest unit of the ValueCash currency recorded relating to the Blockchain. Is definitely one trillionth of a person ValueCash (0.000000000001 XVL or 1 XVL = 1 000 000 000 000 ValueBits). The unit has been named to further corroborate upcoming growth of ValueCash associated with its limited Maximum Associated with 18 000 000.

Predefined Maximum Coin Supply – 18 000 000 ValueCash :
Pre-mined – 3 500 000 ValueCash
Proof of Trade – 12 000 000 ValueCash
Proof of Stake – 2 500 000 ValueCash
Pre-mined – 3 500 000 ValueCash :
Founders & Team of developers – 500 000 ValueCash
Early Investors – 300 000 ValueCash
Initial Coin Offering – 2 700 000 ValueCash
Initial Coin Offering ICO – 2 700 000 ValueCash :
ICO Sales Bonuses – 300 000 ValueCash
Pre ICO/ ICO Phase I Sale – 200 000 ValueCash
ICO Bounty – 200 000 ValueCash
ICO Phase II Sales – 2 000 000 ValueCash



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ODEM.IO Unlocking Higher Education

ODEM.IO could be a qualified and sure education trade to make customised info and skill and go straight into the marketplace. The ODEM platform any provides students a lot of choices for housing, transportation and alternative requirements. ODEM can change international and native students to require possession of their education. ODEM can facilitate a live-in-classroom expertise, supported by on-line capabilities.

Kevin Carey, author of the top of College: making the longer term of Learning and also the University of everyplace, imagines a world within which the rigid four-year-degree model of post-secondary schooling and its associated student-debt burden fade into the past. He foresees a time once education becomes an inexpensive, womb-to-tomb method of intellectual associated sensible enrichment formed by an individual’s skilled and private aspirations.
Major international publications like Forbes magazine, The Washington Post and also the social scientist have deemed the $4.6 trillion-to-$6 trillion world education market ripe for technological disruption. Our analysis suggests education is vulnerable due to escalating tuition prices and student debt burdens, the unwarranted quantity of your time needed to earn a degree and a match between school coaching and job skills demanded by employers.

The service fee are going to be generated by the creation and listing of academic lectures, courses and content on the platform. This value are going to be mechanically calculated according the versatile fee structure suppliers and supplemental to the worth list elite by educators once they publish academic content. additionally, the supplier of the Service provider has the power to urge a chunk of this fee. within the platform of the ODEM, the provider are going to be the inducement to affix the platform through the signs of the start of the free distribution of allotted tokens breath reciprocally. once a provider register and make a profile, they have to adhere to the structure of the prices of the provider. The initial structure of rewards are going to be supported 3 factors, which might be the transition because the platform evolves. These factors include:
Time of appointment
The name of the

ODEM may be a comprehensive platform that permits students, educators and repair suppliers within the education business to participate during a direct, suburbanized, period of time marketplace. It empowers participants to look, choose and buy existing academic product moreover as produce, request and discuss custom-made education experiences face to face and on-line. not like on-line education suppliers like Coursera and Khan Academy, the ODEM platform focuses on making period of time, in-person academic programs. thanks to this, the ODEM platform is meant to accommodate not solely the delivery of one course, however additionally the related services and programming that square measure enclosed in accommodating a gaggle of scholars traveling to a location for at some point, a month or perhaps a year. Since the bulk of our current offerings square measure onsite academic experiences, we’ve got engineered associate degree off-blockchain capability to manage a spread of tasks, together with the negotiation of prices, the securing of service suppliers and therefore the creation of student certificates.

The education trade faces several challenges that ODEM seeks to resolve by providing the following;
Access to each native and international onsite, and in-person academic experiences. whereas ODEM will give any form of learning expertise, the program emphasizes on-the-ground education at elite establishments round the globe.
A single education community within which students, educators and repair suppliers will communicate and participate directly during a secure setting.
A a lot of economical manner of sharing and understanding academic needs, goals and details to satisfy the speedily dynamical force and also the economic process of scholars and educators
A single, period of time system of negotiation, info description associated payments on an agreed-upon schedule.
An integrated tutorial and info schedule builder with details offered to all or any participants to confirm development of academic programs that square measure clearly set out and specified by all parties.
Capacity to perform back-and-forth language translation in any respect levels of education procural to confirm that vital nuances in program requests aren’t lost in translation.

Whether to travel to school someday or a week-long coaching event, the platform is ODEM connecting with students and educators supply Courses at each value purpose anyplace round the world. And with the growing community of users, the breath of the platform are going to be the best thanks to purchase or sell customised education and coaching in cross-border level. The ODEM are going to be supported by a collection of programs that square measure placed within the Ethereum blockchain. the employment of the Ethereum can give transparency and easy payment. The user can get into the platform, the service set to shop for, and a record of the acquisition is saved to blockchain. Functions and activities performed before getting, like searching for or adding a replacement info are going to be handled by the platform of the network.

Token sale will occur in two phases :

  1. Pre token sale — early adopter phase
    This Pre Crowdsale stage will begin on December 10, 2017. In Pre-token sales, 58.2 million ODEMT will be issued at a discount rate of € 0.0375. This ODEMT will published at a 25 percent bonus rate. Please note the bonus tokens will only be accessible After completion token token and token generation event event has occurred. There is a minimum purchase requirement of 200,000 ODEMT, per user, in Pre-token sales stage.
  2. Sales Token
    The primary token sale will begin tentatively on February 17, 2018 and will continue until March 19, 2018. A total of 180 million ODEMT will be issued. That the token will be issued at, or about € 0.05. Considering the fact that the ODEM platform can only perform optimally if the token is widely distributed, all users will be allowed maximum purchase of 250,000 ODEMT during the first hour of main token sale. After The maximum cap of 250,000 ODEMT will be lifted.

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I AM HERO – An AI driven Tokenized Job Matching Platform and ICO Review

The Platform is exceptionally intuitive, easy and simple whereas it additionally eliminates any hurdles which may arise relevant to direct communications between contacts to and from the individual Candidates (Heroes) and potential Employers.
Iamhero was created to unravel a significant downside that has noncontinuous the task search business from the beginning. we tend to study all the weather that ar most involved concerning users of job search services, ways and resources accessible to jobseekers, employers and freelancers. A extremely qualified skilled coder team has been innovating associate degreed optimizing the AIdriven matching engine on a secure base platform for over a year whereas developing an optimum answer to unravel and solve any issues that the jobseeker is exposed, each in ways, resources, efficacy, value potency, process speed , net & mobile compatibility, social media property, communication improvement, information security, aesthetic visual quality, international measurability, distinctive distinctive feature development and a lot of. The result’s a good service, whereas still beneath development, providing some basic options that ar finally able to launch like resume services, potential linkage and a few different vital and sensible options.
There’s no higher thanks to perceive what we’re making here than fitting your own free account and testing systems just like the creation. we tend to invite you to organize your personal profile resume and knowledge this new technology directly whether or not you’re employment Seeker, associate degree leader or a freelancer. Welcome to a replacement thanks to meet your desires during this invasive on-line business.

SERVICE DESCRIPTION could be a service whereverby candidates access specific Job in an exceedinglyccordance with their qualifications and where Entrepreneurs have access to extremely qualified personnel for his or her specific desires in a new and refreshing manner. The system uses high-performing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match either side and build property between the 2.
Charges ar subject to service use by each parties and extra getting prices to the corporate for placement once matching and enlisting ar completed; so insuring constant financial gain inflows for the growth and development of the IAMHERO system within the future.

Almost everybody within the world desires a resume to
present themselves in their relevant field of experience
to the worldwide business or to gift their services as a
professional freelancer to the Marketplace. the situation of ‘Resume Function’ is quick. the globe of on-line pacing is long owed. Therefore, we’ve performed the task of guaranteeing that the freelancer receives a levy for the work it undertakes and consequently, the leader accepts the top quality work likewise because the ideal worker World Health Organization is reciprocated
for his or her specific desires.To achieve this level of improvement, a replacement system should be put in in an exceedingly capable place handle lots of information and process.Data terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} economical and intelligent with very high speed.

The most vital question most investors can have is what goals are contend on the platform. Actually, IAH tokens area unit at the core of all activity on stage. You know, to rent associate degree worker or issue a project assignment that has got to be obeyed, IAH tokens area unit needed. All contracts on the platform area unit unbroken in associate degree unchanged sensible Contract. The proof is unbroken during this Intelligent Contract and transferred to the IAH platform as payment to rent somebody. this is often wherever the redistributed basic nature of the platform ought to shine.

2 billion (2,000,000,000) IAHC coins will be created. 25% of those or 500 million IAHC Coins will be sold at the ICO. The aim is to raise 7142 ETH., which equates to approximately 7.142 ETH at current rates, with the crowd sale at a coin price of 0.0000142 ETH. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 70,000 IAHC coin. This may change with ETH exchange rates. Numbers are best e ort estimates as of October 10th 2017. The final numbers and fixed ETH amount will be announced before the start of the crowd sale.



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