PODONE-Decentralized Autonomous Manpower Management Network

Podone may be a suburbanised, self-contained human resources management system that integrates a typical contact center organization to optimize client and business interactions. Through Podone, human resources area unit chartered to the complete network to supply the required personnel for client service. The Podone network creates a talent market that gives bigger productivity and bigger price for business.
The simple interface permits contact centers to own access to a large number of representatives with the “downtime” needed to perform their tasks.

Idle time Management
On the employer’s aspect, the interface offered by Podone permits firms to “hold Associate in Nursing auction” with the period of their workers, distributing resources they are doing not use, firms in would like of extra help, and maximising capital.
This means that firms that properly use the Podone resource pool will rework what once was a forceful waste of your time and cash for workers to maximise each.

Contact center
Contact centers across the country are given access to a info obtainable|of obtainable|of accessible} workers UN agency area unit presently available to be used in standby mode to handle a spread of tasks that they’re appropriate. For employers exploitation Podone, this is often Associate in Nursing unbelievably versatile feature; Elastic staffing permits employers to appear for specific dismissed workers UN agency area unit best suited to accomplish their task.

Crypto Technology
As in several trendy business platforms Kriptotehnologij, Podone is provided with its own integration with block chains, additionally as a novel cryptocurrency for firms that may use. The blockade provides the safe decentralization inherent in any blockchain technology, whereas the system of “tokens and wallets” provides businesses round the world with one currency to be used, simplifying transactions and Optimizing interactions at the money level.

Why It is smart For Investors
Kbum token may be a core utility on the network and can be used for each dealing on the platform.
Offering enticing discount token costs.
Make use of the growing center necessities whereas meeting the challenges of Level Service and Leading the trade towards New Market Opportunities.
Developed by the industry’s leading computer code supplier, with fifteen years of trade experience.
Carrying innate requests from Associate in Nursing existing leader base of shoppers.
Provide tremendous ICO investment opportunities from trade Leaders within the growing world sector.

OUR options :
With PodOne, employers will pay their workers idle time on businesses and different people on the network World Health Organization would like extra human resources to induce things done. Associate in Nursing leader leases it
ELASTIC employees
Contact centers will access a network of representatives that the standby time has been marked as offered, and asks personnel World Health Organization cowl all needs for that matter.
The various courses, created by members of the PodOne network, area unit offered at PodOne University with a myriad of essential skills. PodOne University is PodOne’s manner of guaranteeing that the pool is huma.
As a creator of PodOne is Associate in Nursing award-based Fenero primarily based contact center computer code developer, a key performance indicator on traffic interaction and usage patterns for Fene users.
Blockchain technology permits PodOne to take care of a secure and suburbanised network. By victimisation blockchain, all transactions on the network are safe and verifiable in public, eliminating the necessity.
The PodOne network is driven by our own crypto referred to as Qubicle (pronounced sort of a “booth”). All transactions on the network area unit created with Qubicles, giving PodOne a secure, easy-val.

Why will this be to the trade?
Redefine the Contact Center business model through Associate in Nursing annoying decentralization platform.
Overcoming employment issues with excess capability and ranging workers.
Generate workers period.
Provide world coaching standards; guaranteeing consistent service quality.
Providing incentives for client maintenance staff to deliver a good client expertise through QBE Ratings Engine.
Using secure blockchain technology.
Progress capability of Contact Center trade
Creating cryptocurrency is accessed by a gaggle of individuals UN agency mustn’t be concerned — average center representatives!
Meet the growing trade demand through new technology and award and cryptococcal payment platform.

The team behind PodOne incorporates a combined fifty years of expertise within the contact center trade and area unit the leaders behind Fenero, a unquiet
and triumph cloud primarily based contact center platform employed by over a pair of,200 decision and client service organizations worldwide.

PodOne ICO
For those that see money potential in PodOne’s distinctive system, PodOne’s ICO permits for speculators to speculate ETH within the company in exchange for shares in ultimate profits. With what appears like no capitalist caps and a major ETH cap of six,000, a scarcity of current investors makes the ICO a robust candidate for crypto-investor interest.
Currently, a annual roadmap displayed on the company’s introductory web site offers potential investors AN in-depth verify the plans of the manufacturers of the interfaces, particularly wherever monetisation and returns ar involved. The minimum contribution is barely .1 ETH, that makes participation during this growing market potential for investors with very little capital out there.
PodOne seeks to resolve one in all the foremost issues of the twenty first century business model. As businesses begin to expand, idle hours by workers produce a huge fund concern, wasting the time of the worker and therefore the cash of the leader. With PodOne, a decentralized crypto-platform on the blockchain permits corporations the chance to require advantage of decentralized technology and a complicated API to reduce idle hours and maximize potency.

Website : https://podone.io
White Paper: https://podone.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/PodOneWhitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2302184.0
Telegram : https://telegram.me/podone
Twitter : https://twitter.com/PodOneNetwork
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PodOneNetwork

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