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Seller’s issues:|
The main problems faced by business owners when getting in to the International marketplace are as follows:
> Not Known Sellers does not get a credible original impression
> Low Price of present E-commerce Platforms
> Absenceof lucrative”online sales pitch” for products
> Individuals need to Take on Enormous Worldwide Companies
> Insufficient Budget
> Lack of Customer Support24x7
Consumer’s Issues:
> Lack of appropriate”on the Web Sales-pitch”
> No True Honest Reviews
> No Real Assurance

storweey present provide solutions. .
STORWEEY can be actually a stage that provides venues for buyers and sellers around the world with the implementation of cryptographic technology and complex blockchain. Having an internet store, all sellers may certainly install their merchandise or services over the web. Storweey joins and joins all sellers and buyers in one place via the net. We are very blessed to be able to reside at a complex era like that, the Net helps us in managing activities or doing business. Storweey is thought to become the following best generation marketplace and also Decentralized,Secure,Peer-to-Peer transactions,supplychain management and marketplace built by blockchain technology with the help of smart contracts.

Our vision is to simplify progressive intellectual capital to fulfill with the needs of an everchanging marketplace.
Our mission is to disrupt present markets for Retail E-commerce by supplying an advanced and extremely effective Retail platform. We’ll provide the web retail market having a secure, trustworthy and effective platform which may benefit all parties – by Manufacturers, Sellers with their customers.

Our services offer you opportunities for entrepreneurs, limited to midsize producers, family business retailers and handicraft makers, for example a choice of tools for direct consumer responses, bookkeeping, earnings analysis, promotion and advertising, and more suitable, userfriendly interface.
Among Storweey’s key features is using blockchain technology, making it possible to produce transparent, receptive and secure platforms to both parties, reducing transaction costs and business costs, and simplifying the purchase procedure.


Storweey has a rather diverse advantages, although Storweey is very distinct from the traditional market place platform. Storweey implements a perfect future, which makes all of the features substantially different from conventional niches.


STWY Token could be your official token used to float tirelessly on the Storweey platform. STWY Token could have many purposes when found from the platform. STWY Tokens enables you to buy available services or products and also enjoy exclusive feature features for those using the STWY token being a means of payment. To find the STWY Token you should buy it if the STWY Token Sale event is stored directly by the team and programmer.


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