Syncfab – Secure Transactions and Communications Through Smart Contracts

What is Syncfab?

Syncfab MFG could be the first peer-to-peer Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) manufacturing blockchain for the hardware manufacturing supply series. Syncfab MFG is a decentralized manufacturing ecosystem that is needed for creating the world’s first peer-to-peer manufacturing supply chain and incentivized token system that is adapted for public and private blockchains. Given the problems of current manufacturing systems which bring lack of transparency and inaccessibility to have a multitude of stakeholders within the supply chain, SyncFab’s solutions attempt to solve complex problems by incorporating key innovations that stated below: Re-shaping supply chain management through a public, direct peer-to-peer (P2P) manufacturing ecosystem , incentivizing changes in supply chain management, smart contracts for transparent procurement processing.

SyncFab will develop a public, peer-to-peer ecosystem whereby purchasers can discover companies capable of advanced machining of on-demand precision parts production and engage participants passionate about improving efficiencies planet supply chain. SyncFab will also provide technologies for a faster and streamlined buying process. The mark up usually means a much smaller quote compared individuals received from purchasers without SyncFab. SyncFab anticipates that in the decentralized supply chain management network, markup fees will likely be eliminated. The MFG have a token, called utility token, which is offered to current SyncFab users and early adopters of the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain. The MFG Token is an utility token that is applied to reward purchasers and manufacturers, make payments, protect intellectual properties, promote trust and transparency over the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain The MFG Token will be integrated on the SyncFab platform which has a strong network launch pad built from public-private partnerships.

The Syncfab decentralized app utilizes smart contracts executed on blockchain to Complement the existing Syncfab procurement process strategy to to build transparencies and streamline the procurement. What’s more pruchasers can source directly with manufacturers no more brokers and intermediaries.

Purchasers can reward manufacturers with MFG and manufacturers can reward buyers for a ring to reorder placement creating a decentralized economy where all parties are equally incentivized for their efforts the neat thing our MFG Tokens are built on their own ethereum blockchain that easily accessible fully encrypted and 100% secure with instantaneous communication and financial transaction features build trust within the Syncfab smart manufacturing block gained through transparent and secure smart contracts and increase your productivity and revenue with the MSG Token immediately.

Hardware Innovator

Eliminate intermediaries and brokers to inexpensive and increase your revenue. We directly connect you to hardware manufacturers and allow effortless production complex to monitor.

Hardware Manufacturer

Eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect to your manufacturing facility. SyncFab guarantees payments through our smart contracts and give you full control of your pricing & attributes.

How It Works

Benefits to Hardware Innovators

– Cheaper and high quality quotes with all the source

– On-demand purchasing, tracking, & reordering

– Match a network of local vetted manufacturers

– Secure transactions and communications through smart contracts

Benefits to Hardware Manufacturers

– Eliminate marketing costs by having buyers directly connect back to your manufacturing facility

– Guaranteed payments through smart contracts

– Complete control of one’s pricing & capabilities

– Less headaches of overhead and processes to focus on producing most effective quality products

MFG Token Powered Supply Chain

The MFG Token is really an utility token used near the SyncFab platfrom to reward purchasers and manufacturers, make payments, protect intellectual properties, promote trust and transparency through the execution of smart contracts on the blockchain

– Create unique bid auctions to incentivize manufacturers for faster quotes with MFG

– MFG loyalty rewards can be offered for consistent reorders

– Buyers are qualified through an upfront MFG token commitment

– Manufacturers can provide discounts in regards to the quoted price with MFG tokens

Funding Goals

Min Goal: 10K ETH

World’s First Manufacturing Token

– MFG Token Generation

– MFG Token Distribution

– MFG Token Integration into SyncFab 2.0

– MFG Token Industry Partnership Outreach

Soft Cap: 30K ETH

Easily Locate Hardware Manufacturing

– Format Purchaser Smart Contracts

– Format Supplier Smart Contracts

– Integrate Blockchain Smart Contracts into 2.0

Hard Cap: 60K ETH

Hardware Manufacturing Revolutionized

– CNC Machine Live Data Feed Solution

– Upgrade Adapted Blockchain 3.0

– MFG Token Industry 4.0 Partnership Outreach

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