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What’s TOK?
It’s really a multi-functional decentralized chat application built in the Ethereum blockchain. While offering users all the fundamental qualities of a dialog application, additionally, it supplies a lightweight in built cryptocurrency wallet. While communicating with friends and family through TOK, the application provide a lot more functionalities as compared to conventional immediate messaging apps.
May be excellent for personal and professional functions. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video broadcasts, high level location features and money exchange are a few of the core offerings.

Users should be able to talk about the display with their connections. This is among the most essential features of all enterprise-specific programs while using this application. Clients may also have the capacity to secure their display limiting or allowing screen shots while talking their own screens.

This endeavor will allow clients to come together when needed. When it is a business venture, a very simple student venture, and on occasion even children members venture, the collaborative customer certificate will share their continuous occupation accreditation with them. Other They are going to have the choice to pick who can look at and transform documents and change their own preferences based upon their needs.

Users should have the ability to unite or participate in programs via this option accessible from the TOK app. Among the earliest features of the type from im programs, webinars will probably be game changers. Clients will need to buy a TOK credit score to reap the fantastic advantage with this selection. Even the online seminar planners are going to get the choice to set up 100 percentage paid or complimentary prices. Possible webinars will have short campaigns and are available for a couple months period. For compensated webinars, most folks will implement for TOK features available at or view webinars afterwards.

E-lightweight pockets in evolution is one of the key options of TOK. Our customers are going to be able to send and receive from the TOK group via pockets. Employing TOK cards, customers may also have the capacity to buy or register to top quality solutions such as webinars.

Instant texting application
The higher using cellular phones and Concerning the online transmission has generated numerous im apps in online interaction. Folks choose touse im over traditional SMS and MMS sms details techniques. Immediate texting enables customers to communicate instantly, confirming if their details have been obtained or read by the consumer, making it much more suitable. One of the primary advantages of all im is its 100% free usage, the convenience of its user interface (simplicity ) and its extensive availability across all of systems and gadgets. cellular.

Many in apps can be found the systems for customers around the earth. Some programs illustrate texting and texting features, moving above the value and capacity of classic SMS. In im programs, the material length isn’t confined to a few words or characters and in addition the consumer can share various kinds such as graphics, video clips and voice searches readily.
May be employed for personal and professional purposes. Webinars, collaborative documents, whiteboard, screen sharing, video broadcasts, advanced level location features and money swap are a few of our centre offerings.

TOK plans to construct a new world of communication with faster, more private and secure communication’s allowing people throughout the world.
TOK are the modern age of communicating application that’ll enable users with easy and secure exchange of data not only through chats (Team and Private) and Audio or Video calls but also empower its users with various additional features that will help create a communicating ecosystem that’s perhaps not only perceptible for private also for professional usage or goals.

Technology has its upside and downside. From the digital age of Communicating one of the main disadvantage has become the violation of user Data; usually the one that’s becomes constant pressure.
With businesses and hacker making money off the personal data of Consumers, TOK intends to find the conclusion of that fear that’s engulfed The World with privacy flows and data hacks.

Token Symbol Allocation

  • 4% is invested in the Advisory Board.
  • 5% goes to Resources, Recommendations, Community Bldg
  • 6% are designated to promote transmission.
  • 10% is invested in growth and source funds.
  • 10% is invested in the primary group.
  • 65% was invested in pre-sales and ICO traders.

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